share your 


Engage. Educate. Be Genuine.

 GMG’s approach starts with showcasing the REAL YOU and what your company represents. We build content that enables you to engage with your audience in an authentic, community building way that ultimately moves them to action.

Event Reels

Hosting a networking event? A fundraiser? Getting some boss babes together? We love a good party!

Event video reels are an awesome way to build ticket sales and attendance for your next bash. Showcase your company vision and all the fun you don’t want to miss. 


Your happy customers are a great marketing tool right in your pocket. We all love a good review! GMG works with real people to capture their experiece and what they LOVE about your company.

Your Business Has Heart

Introduce yourself and your vision to your potential customers. Show your personality – Show your talent – Show how you add value. 


Clients love to see you in action! Get content of how you work on set with awesome behind the scenes.

Business Coaches

Give a little teaser on how you can add value to clients and help them grow.


Showcase your talent with stunning visuals that convey your point of view.

Fitness Trainers

Get your audience moving with an overview of your coaching style and training tips for results.

Home Service Providers

Show how you take care of what your customers value most. 

Product Developers

Show your customers the in and out of your production process and how your product adds value.

Health and Wellness

Helping people live their best life is what you do. Give a taste of who you are and why you’re a great fit.


Let your clients get to know your personality and how you get things done! Create dynamic listing videos that make for fast sales.

Beauty Services

Create beautiful content that captures your talent and portfolio or your place of business.